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Our Services

We offer a wide range of expert services tailored to meet the evolving needs of your project. Our diverse areas of expertise encompass geotechnical aspects across various infrastructure projects, including buildings, bridges, flyovers, viaducts, highways, railways, high-speed rail (HSR), airports, canals, dams, barrages, check dams, river training, landslides, offshore structures, and waste containment.

At Geosynapse, we provide both conventional and innovative solutions to address your geotechnical challenges. Our team is well-versed in applying geosynthetics, utilizing these advanced materials to enhance the performance and durability of your projects. Leveraging state-of-the-art design and analysis tools, we ensure that our solutions not only meet but exceed the highest standards of quality, efficiency, and sustainability.

Our comprehensive range of services extends beyond conventional design and analysis methodologies. We also provide forensic studies, thorough inspections, peer reviews, and safety assessments, providing valuable insights into the condition and stability of existing structures. Below is the few list of services we offer.


No matter the complexity of your geotechnical requirements, Geosynapse is equipped to handle detailed analyses and deliver reliable, sustainable solutions. We pride ourselves on our dedication to excellence and our commitment to meeting the evolving needs of your project.

Geotechnical Investigations

• Geotechnical  Investigations 



                Review and Analysis

• Material Testing




• Development of project specific test methods and plans

• Project specific performance tests

Techno-Economic Feasibility Studies, Detailed Design and Analysis

• Foundation systems for all type of infrastructure

                 Shallow foundations

                 Raft systems

                 Pile foundation systems

• Earth Retaining Systems

                 GRS walls/slopes 

                 Gabion walls 

                 Cantilever retaining walls

                 Soil nailing & Anchoring

                 Sheet piles 

                 Contiguous piles                                 Diaphragm walls

• Embankments and Dams

                Ash Dykes 

                Tailing Dams 

                Earthen Embankments                        Dams

• Pavements 


                Hill roads


                Rural roads

• Ground improvement

                Soft strata improvement

                Liquefaction mitigation 

• Irrigation strctures



                Check dams


                River training structures 

• Landfills

• Pond/Canal lining systems

Geosynthetics Services

• Testing of geosynthetic products



          construction survivability

• Feasibility studies, Design, Forensic, and Repair services of:

                 GRS walls

                 GRS Abutments

                 GRS Slopes

                 Shored Walls

                 Basal reinforcment


                 Piled embankments

                 Reinforced Pavements

                 Drainage and separation 


                 Erosion control




Advanced Services

• Liquefaction studies

• Seismic analysis and designs

• Site response analysis

• Site-specific seismic analysis of important structures

• Forensic investigations

• Repair/Rehabilitation of distressed structures

• Finite Element Modeling 

• Peer review/proof check of designs/reports/guidelines


• Project specific


              Product specifications

              Construction support

R&D Services

• Development of advanced tools/methods for geotechnical systems/projects

• Product enhancement studies

• Development of new experimental facilities

• Physical model tests




            Review and Analysis

• Instrumentation and monitoring               Planning


           Review and Analysis

Education and Training

• Training sessions

• Webinars

• Workshops


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